My Self-improvement

My self-improvement

Improving life and enjoying the process

What Is My Self-improvement

...and what's in it for you?

Simple as the name of the heading, it’s a blog about my self-improvement.

How I manage to live my life in its peek almost everyday, and have maximum amount of fun and pleasure through it.

My name is Srdjan, and I’m just a normal guy, who enjoys going to the gym, learning, reading books, and spending free time doing random activities with loved ones

More important for you is what you can benefit from this particular blog, well, you can learn with me, I’m young guy who, as expected, wants to make money, to have nice body, and have strong and enjoyable relationships with his loved ones (family, friends, partner, etc.).

Here you can easily relate and share your experience or share your thought. Choose any topic that interests you and see for yourself, how I approach certain things, and what do I think about certain topics, because, I believe that you can gain knowledge from this, and save yourself some time and effort by learning from my experiences and insights. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out there, and try not fail, but you can save yourself some time reading and learning something new.

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