My Self-improvement

Who am I?


I’m just a regular guy from Serbia, who wants the same things as you. Wants to have nice physique, make money, and have a fine girl. The thing is, all of us young, dreamy guys want that, but, many of us don’t do what it takes to achieve them, or do it the wrong way. I’m here to share with you my experience on this journey. But, back to me, I’m 18, I go to the gym, train for 2 and a half years, I attend Economics High School in Serbia, and love to spend my time with my friends and girlfriend. More about me: as a young kid I was good in everything, but wasn’t good enough to build my name, to do something out of the life I was given. So one day I decided to start going to gym because I had a “broken heart” as a kid, and wanted some kind of status. I praise it right now, because that’s the moment I wanted to be something in life. To increase my status anyhow, just to do something about my own life. And that journey is far from over. I just started, my next goal is to make money, and part of that is writing this blog. So I hope you’ll be curious in sharing experiences with me, and enjoy following my journey.

My Purpose

My purpose is to spread the idea that you can achieve your goals. To make you believe you can have them, and you can achieve them. To help you in anyway to get that dream body, get that dream mindset, improve your mental health, find the curage to ask that girl out, make some moves that’ll enhance the joyment of your life and much more

I want for you all of these things, because I have achieved some of them, but I still haven’t achieved all of them, and I still struggle with some things, such as mental health, achieving my dream body, or making money. So if you’re interested in this in any way, I’m sure you’ll feel motivated, and enjoy while you conect with me through my mission.

More About Me & What I Do

Besides writing this blog, I train at the gym, read books, play football on weekends, I go to Economics High School, and I love spending my free time with my friends, or girlfriend, which brings me the most enjoyment. If you’re particularly interested in one of these things you can check them out particularly down below by choosing the section you like the most

I have been training in the gym for two and a half years now, I still learn, and I’ll be learning for the rest of my life.

Going to the gym motivates me everyday, keeps my discipline at the right level, so it doesn’t rust. Going to the gym changed my life, in a way, that I succeeded in fulfilling my goals. I achieved my goals at the gym at the early start. And I realized that it’s possible, to have a realistic goal, and achieve it. To actually make things happen for yourself. That gave me the mind pattern that I can, if I wanted, If I put the right amount of time and effort, in fact I can, I can fulfill my goals, as I said. So right now I still learn, go to the gym many times a week, I have a plan which I follow, and day by day. I’m focused on learning how to develop my health, my body, to look bigger, more masculary and manly. I hope you also go to the gym, and enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a great workout!

Books are hard to imagine for some, but for others who are not arrogant, they are gold. In fact they are some of the most powerful sources of knowledge that we humans have. Those books are educational books or “self-improvement books”. You can view books like this: you sat with the expert on some topic, and he/she for $20/30, gave you the knowledge of his life, and you’ll tell me that you can’t develop any segment of your life, by reading for 20 minutes a day, and use that knowledge in life, use it to enhance and better your own life. That’s why I put my arrogance aside, and started reading two years ago.

In those two years I learned to read, and I still learn, and have read:

“How to influence people and make friends” – by Dail Carnegie

“The power of now” – by Eckhart Tolle

“The Confidence gap” – by Russ Harris

“The way of the superior man” – by David Deida

Those books are on my list, and by clicking on each of them, you would go to the book summaries of that book, and there is going to be a link to the book so you can find it and see for yourself how good it is, learn something new, and improve your own life.

If you have read some of these books, or you want to read them, leave a comment about the book on it’s page, and you can do that by clicking on the link.

I hope you enjoy, or enjoyed them as much as I did.

As I said, I go to the Economics High School, and it’s pretty easy, I’m a law major at my school, I’m coming to the end of it and I right now enjoy going to school, because of the relationships I built with other classmates and with the teachers. I don’t particularly enjoy learning about law, but I know some of it, and it will benefit me in my life, things I learned in school will be pretty useful to me later on in life, and I’m so grateful for everything related to that school. But some of the techniques I use can be useful for you, too. To keep up with life in school and all the activities you do on a daily basis.

I don’t use that pomodoro or others techniques, I use the rules:

– deep work

– 80/20 rule

You can find out more about those rules by clicking on them.

It’s not easy to have good relationships.

If you have some good relationships, with your family, friends, or the opposite gender. You are lucky, and you know that

I struggled to realize who’s my real friend, and who’s not. Who should I trust, whom should I tell my secrets and share hard moments with, and I believe all of us can find that person, and we need to find that one friend, with whom we can share our secrets, our darkest moments, and trust that friend to keep it all to himself.

“You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with”. – Jim Rohn

It’s hard to choose people like that, or even think about that. Unfortunately we can’t always think about it, you need to feel it, but to think straight you need a clear mind for that, which sometimes can be kinda hard. Thinking about those things can shake your ground and give you a headache, but it’s necessary to know who loves you, and who deserves to be the closest to you.


I’ll be glad to hear from you in the comments or you can contact me, to share your experience or thoughts about this topic.

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