3 questions to start finding your purpose

Bring meaning into your life

Why should we have a purpose?

Purpose is what’s making us the money, giving us a will to live, and the gift of fullfillness.


Everyone nowadays wants to be rich or wealthy, and some of us know that we need to work hard, but we don’t really know what to get into. We all go to school, university, and have a job. But, we want something on the side that will free us, and allow us to earn money while enjoying life


“If you don’t know your purpose, discover it, now. The core of your life is your purpose. Everything in your life, from your diet to your career, must be aligned with your purpose if you are to act with coherence and integrity in the world. If you know your purpose, your deepest desire, then the secret of success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimize distractions and detours.”

We'll see

What are the benefits

That’s simple, the benefits are everything. Especially if you’re a man. If you’re a man, and you have a goal, a purpose to achieve that goal, fulfill your vision about yourself, and you are ambitious, too. Other people around you can feel it, the girls are attracted to that kind of energy, even if you don’t have money, like me. Besides that the main beneftits for me are: money, and fulfillness. When you’re working on your purpose, you are feeling motivated, driven, when you find that one thing you want to try, or you’re excited about, you’ll feel butterflies in your belly, believe me. Besiedes that, you’ll earn money, I’m sure I’ll earn money off this blog, one way or another. Beacuse to earn money we need to learn, to learn skills about everything, basic skills as much as the skills to earn money, but we all start something, I stepped out of my comfort zone to learn to write a blog, make a website, it’s fun, it gives me a purpose (I feel fulfilled), and experience, someday I’ll learn how to make money from it and boom. Having a purpose can do the same and even better for you. And now there comes a risk of not having a purpose.


If we don’t have a purpose we sturggle to feel motivated, driven, because we aren’t doing anything. Other people see it in us, that we’re pathless, and that we don’t have anything for ourselves. If we aren’t doing anything for ourselves to better our situtation, life, and ourselfs, they won’t be interested in us, and we can’t have anybodys respect. These rules stay same for the girls, if you’re a guy. Your girl won’t respect you and value you, because she can feel it too. These are the risks of not having a purpose. I believe I risk everytime when I don’t fullfill my purpose, everyday when I try to lack from it, I remember what I think about someone that doesn’t fulfilles his/her purpose.

What is in our way

Two things. 

Comfort zone and bad habits.


These two things, can make us so much comfortable in our current place, that we don’t ever think about achieving something,  doing somehting, or even trying to. This killed me, and maybe it’s killing you, right now. My first bad habit was porn, and there it is both, bad habit that cements me in a comfort zone. Those two habits, keep us on easy mode, but benefits that you’ll be getting on a easy mode are equal to zero. You can forget about making money, or enjoyning your own life, getting respect from oppostite gender, or your freinds, family. All of them need a reason to respect you, you need a reason to have everything you want. You don’t need the over night change, just start with the changes, but, if you already work on it give it gas, and start making real changes for yourself. I was easy on myself, then I understood, to make money, and all get those benefits, I need to make a change of implementing a good habits, to replace bad ones. And why would I do any of that if I didn’t have a purpose? So I get out there and start finding my purpose, and below is how you can meange to do that.

How to find and embrace our puropse

 We already said that we need to find our purpose, and to implement good habits to replace the bad ones, so they can get us somewhere we want to be. We need to understand what habits we need to implement and how to find our purpose, so let’s start.


Implementing habits.

First, all of us already have good habits, you have at least one good habit, like going to the gym, or reading, meditating, journaling, or spending quality time with real friends, or family. If you don’t, which I hardly don’t believe, try implementing at least one of them, is’t much easier to say then do, but if somebody could, you can to. Back to the habits, to achieve our purpose, we need one habit specifically.


That habit we need is – continuity. Find something, if we don’t have it already, and work on it, for at least one and a half hour a dayFind something you’re interested in and try, try to make moneyit doesn’t matter, just try something, beacuse it will bring value to your life, you’ll try and fail, and you’ll learn something new from that in many different fields. You take your time and everyday work on that specific thing, for one and a half hour a day, that’s the 10 hours a week40 hours a month. You’ll succseed in that, wheather it is, just if you remain in continuit


Even if we now how to do it, okay, just spend one and a half hour a day and do what? – If that is kind of question your mind is asking, I’ll be honest, noone can tell you, do this and that, and be right about it. You need to feel it. You need to want it. If you want that money, you’ll find something you want to do more then 1.5 hours a day, and you’ll be more succseesful than someone doing the same thing, beacuse they are’nt being interested as you are. That’s why you do something you’re interested in, but the question is how? And the answer is simple, step out of your comfort zone, step out and live on edge. Edge of not knowing, asking the question, tryingsearchinglearning, and then finding something you’re truly interested in. We do that when we don’t know what our purpose is.

If all of this sounds great to you, but you don't have time, there aro two things that are happening right know. Either you already have a purpose which is great, or you're lazy and scared of giving up on your bad habits, and bad people you have around you, to actually make a postivie change in your life. My sugestion is to write it all down, and see for yourself, what are your goals, what habits and people bring you real happiness, and why you don't have time for your own purpose. To find that out easier search about Parkinson's Law (80/20 rule), and start valuing your time.

If you read all to the end, I’m very glad you found interest and value in this post. Hope it has helped you in any way.

Stay hard.

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