"I dont have a purpose"

how to find purpose, and earn from it.

This is going to be a mini guide on how to find your purpose

Why would this be relevant to you? Because, everyone nowadays wants to be rich and wealthy, and some of us know that we need to work hard, but we don’t really know what to get into. We all go to school, university, or have a job, but want something on the side that will free us from that and allow us to earn money while enjoying life. To find out what we need to do, we need to define few things, such as:

1. What is our purpose?

2. How to find it, if we don’t already have it?

3. Why is purpose so important*

4. How to embrace our purpose and enjoy life while achieving it?

5, How to set goals, for that exact purpose and find motivation at the same time?

What is a purpose

Purpose is like essence, we can’t see it, nobody can, but us, and everybody around us can feel it. This may sound weird, or like it isn’t my purpose to be a doctor, or to have a wife and kids, and to be honest, it is a good example of purpose. But not everybody wants to be a doctor, or only have a wife and kids, because to have a wife and kids, and live well, you need a purpose. to feed your family, to keep you alive, busy, in the flow state, and to motivate you every time you wake up in the morning.

How to find your purpose

There are three different outcomes when we try to find our purpose.


Firstly , we said earlier that we need to find something we love to do, and actually do it in our free time. Of course that thing we love needs to pay us well, and bring us money, but think about this for a moment. You start to do something just because money, and you don’t enjoy that thing you’re doing, and now imagine someone who loves to do that, and wants money also. Do you think you’d beat that someone? You can try but you’ll be eaten in the ocean of people who actually love to do that thing, so you need to find out something you enjoy doing. There is 100% something you thought about a second ago, when you read “something you enjoy doing”. You probably know what will you do when you “could”. You can, believe me, you don’t need to quit your job, or drop-out. You need to find a window in your time, when you have a 1-2 hours per day, to work on that. That is for me my blog, and YouTube channel. That’s for someone else a car in their garage, that’s for someone the work on their body, in the gym, learning to become a personal trainer. You surly have one thing, at least, that you love to think about, that you’re interested, or would love to learn. I know that. But,



Secondly, is when nothing comes to your mind. And you probably feel depressed, and demotivated to work, because someone you know, or your friend, is having a purpose right know, and that someone work’s on it now, and you maybe thing that everything you do now is losing the time. If that is a case, relax, if you work on yourself, and you’re constantly stepping out of your comfort zone to learn new things, or to try new things, you’re going to be fine. Because, you “walk on the edge”, and that gives you opportunity to explore your potential. With that you’ll find your purpose in a short period of time.

Why is having a purpose so important

To get the right picture about this, firstly we’re going to see why’s it negative to actually not have a purpose. Do you have that one friend, or buddy which seams to have nothing in his life going for himself, he doesn’t do anything that fulfills him? Yes, you do, you imagined him the second you read this. Do you think he’s unmanly, he wanders, he’s hopeless, or unhappy, unfulfilled because he’s doesn’t had luck, or he’s just like that? No, you know it’s his fault, you know that he cannot be fulfilled because there is nothing to fulfill him. 


This is why you need to come up with the thing that you’ll enjoy doing, and call it your purpose, your mission. The thing that will motivate you, give you drive. Those are the some of the benefits, do you know that that is a thing that attract girls/women, when you have your own thing, your higher purpose on which you’re focused, they can feel that you’re driven by that mission of yours. 


That’s why you need to start searching for your purpose, so that one day you can be proud of yourself for starting to work on something, in spite of your low confidence or mind wondering about “can I?”. You sure don’t want to wonder all your life, did you make a good move by giving up?


Let’s cover two more things and finish this, so you can start working on your purpose.

How to work on your purpose and earn from it

let’s say you found your purpose. Good job, now you need time to work on it. To free up your time you just need to slowly reduce your time on social media, watching Netflix, or doing some other activity that brings you no real joy, and no real benefit. When I said “slowly reduce”, I meant, if you have been on social media seven hours today, let’s try to reduce it to 6 and half hours tomorrow. It’s simple, but not so easy. And point of that isn’t to just reduce that unbeneficial time, it’s to try to do beneficial things. Another scenario,


You maybe go to the gym and do a lots of things generally. I’m that guy. I have a girlfriend, best friend, go to the school, go to the gym, read books, and lots of other thigs, and I write this blog. To be honest, it’s hard, you need to be flexible. Find that hour and a half, or two hours of focused work to dedicate to your project.


It’s okay to be a little anxious, everybody’s begging was a little bit harder, trying to organize, or learning to be flexible. But believe me, you’ll make it, sooner or later, you’ll manage to get at least decent organization, and start seeing results, and starting to form that habit of working on your thing for that 2 hours. 


I won’t focus much on explaining you how to earn money while working on your purpose. There’s the hard part, you need to figure it out for yourself, I can help and give you a few tips, but nobody can put you money in pocket for doing something, you’ll be the one who’s going to earn money, how? Few things you should do is:


Start reading – books can provide you with wider spectrum of ideas, and stimulate you to think more about defined topic (which is in your case earning money).


Start networking – you sure have friends who earn money, if they did it, you can too, join a premium networking group, there’re groups out there that as a purpose have to connect people with same interests.


Start exploring – we mentioned this earlier, you need to explore, which things you could do to earn money, what things that interest you, you can use to make money.



It’s good if your purpose is to make money. Mine is as well to earn money as a young guy so I could pay for some things, and invest early in myself so I don’t have to be a slave till my sixties. 


And finally…

Goals, and motivation to pursuite your purpose

Everybody has goals, some of us have motivation, and have it sometimes. To have real goals and motivation, we need one thing, just one, and that’s realistic goals. Short-term, realistic goals, for six and three months.


What are the realistic goals? Those are the goals you could actually achieve, for example, you are a slightly overweight and you want to look good, you’ll set a goal like this: “Till the end of the next three months, I’ll have a six pack. “ This goals, is maybe hard, but it’s realistic, you could do it. And now that when we understand what is a realist goal, we need to understand what we actually want.


This is the most simple thing, but one of the hardest. We have to look at ourselves and see want we wont to change, truly what we now me could change, and do that. Is it the financial status, out body, our relationships, with friends, with girls. You need to look what is the thing you want to change, put that on the paper and write down your goals, imagine yourself looking, or having something, and write that “I’m going to”, as it already happen. Do that for that period of 3 and 6 months. After that break it to the weeks, and set goals for every week, what you need to achieve this week, to make that 3 or 6 months goal happen.


And there is the two-in-one solution, by setting realistic goals, you solved the myth of motivation, doing that small weakly and daily goals, you’ll find motivation in those small wins, and continue to pursuit your purpose.


Now when you know what is purpose, how to find your purpose, why it’s so important, how to start organizing yourself to fulfill it, and how to set exact goals and motivate yourself to pursue it, you can be sure that you are on the good path, and you could start building your life the way you want.

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