How to overcome the fear of public speaking

unlock your potental in front of other people

Do you ever want to?

To just...

…just stood up and speak in your class, in your workspace, and don’t bother what others may think, or how do you sound at the moment in their heads?

Do you ever want to say something but you don’t. Beacuse you know you’ll sutter or you’ll misspeak some word, or the others may not like what you’re saying?

Do you ever want to feel free from that anxiety from the tought that someone may interupt you, and even start to make fun of you beacuse something you said, or the way you said it?

If thats the case...

You already now you need to start working on your social skills, concretly on your ability to speak in front of other people, first in front of the closest ones, and then in front of the people you’re not so confortable to speak. 

What is the goal? 

The goal is to develop confidence, and make your speaking normal, to break that fear and anxiety barrier first of all in your head, then in your tongue, and by that I mean to learn some basic skills I learned because two years ago, I had a serious problem with speaking, my speaking was not clear, and way to fast, and beacuse of that nobody could understand me, except the closest ones. 

Once you manage to speak normaly...

You’ll see the benefit, you’ll see that people could understand you, and actually listen to what you have to say, they will enjoy listening to you, and would have much more respect for you, and what you can now say clearly and loudly. 

And when that time comes, you’ll be much more confident, not only about speaking, but overal you’ll be much more confident.


So, we defined our problem, then what is our benefit, and know we need to find out how can we get there, and what do we need to do to get there.

Table of Contents

What's in our way

...and what do we need

We need to understand that in our way is our lack of confidence, mindset, and last the skills to talk with normal speed, and normal clarity.

First, nobody is going to judge you, except if you don’t judge yourself first. When you talk to somebody, they don’t even think about you, are you going to stutter, or do you speak to fast, yes they would notice it, but thats the matter of seconds, they aren’t interested in that, and if they are and they make fun of it, confront them, and keep working on yourself to improve your speaking skills. We are going to define these three, and explain whay are they important, which we already know, and how to achieve them, which are we going to learn. So, let’s start


So, confidence, confidence doesn’t just appear, it’s something that need so be earned, you need to go out there, and start engaging in more social conectings, and acutally don’t force the conversation just to practice your speaking, but to be aware that you’ll need to be present when you speak, and try to improve it every time that you go out there and try to battel for speaking better, beacuse you can, beacuse if everybody around you can, you can to for sure. So just start, go on a more drinks, engage in more conversations in you daily life, and remeber nobody really cares about that, so why should you bother so much?


Secondly, mindset. As we said above, nobody cares, nobody is there just to make fun of your way of speaking, and if there is someone, they are there just to cover their insecurites by making fun of yours, and those are not your friends, and we all know that you should confront them about that, and as we said, just keep to work on improving your speech.

Make one thing clear about whole this game, and don’t obbsess with these things, just try to acknowledge that you have a problem with that, and you’ll work on it to make it gone. And as we said, don’t obsess with it, just chill, and throuth the time you’ll see the changes, progressivlly.

Speaking Skills

There are few tips to enhance your speaking game, and I call that skill, because you’ll improve your speech just by casualy implementing few of these little changes. And they are: 


We already explained confidenc, but didn’t mention, that you need to work on yourself in differetn areas in life, basicly all, and try to improve your overall confidence.


Body language, when you’re sitting, sit open to the world, open with your chest, and your crotch. You don’t wanna be sitting in a “C” postition, or have corossed every body part, for example, hands, legs, etc. So open to the world,


Smile, don’t fake smile, please, you’ll make the jo-jo effect, and seem even less confidnt and happy. Smile with your mind, think of something that makes you really smile, that makes you smile naturaly – smile menatly. 


Actual spaking skills – there are three of them. 

1. Speak loudly, like you want to someone not in front but around you hear you, that would make your speakin much more clearly and you’ll naturaly slow down. 

2. Make more often pauses, and brathe through the nose. Making more often pauses will make your speech more clealry and breathing through the nose will make you more relaxed and you’ll seem much more relaxed and enjoyable to listen to.

3. Speak down. When you’re ending the sentence your voice goes up, try it now, say whatever, and you’ll notice how’s your voice going up. And now, try to deepen it at the end of the sentence, you may try few times, and you’ll feel how more relaxed it feels to speak like that, how more confident and relaxed you sound. 


Thats it

Now you can try all of that, and see for yourself that you can actually improve your speaking skills, and every part of your life through the one of the most fundametal tool – your own voice

“The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind.”

So start leaving memories behind, by speaking your stories the best way you can. Hope this post helped you, and you gained new motivation to improve another one of your skills.

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